In Turkey, which hosts approximately 3.6 million Syrians, it has been debated for years whether or not asylum seekers will return to their countries when the war is over. According to some, the thousands of companies that Syrians have established in a wide range of industries in Turkey and the economic potential they have created express their desire to integrate with the hosting community and build their new lives in Turkey.

According to official figures, Syrians living in Turkey have invested close to 1.5 billion liras for about ten years, in establishing or partnering with 15 thousand 159 companies in different industries, consequently employing thousands of people. However, most of these refugees hold on to their new lives in Turkey after an intense struggle and determination.

In Istanbul, the name of 33-year-old Mohamed Yaman Halawi in entrepreneurship, digital design and translation has recently taken its place among the new generation of entrepreneurs.